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Specializing in Football Camp Development

Are you a high school team, college team, professional team, celebrity player, or community center?
If so, then let Coach Stone develop and lead your next camp.

Proven Credentials

“Coach Stone is one of the most energetic and knowledgeable coaches I have ever partnered with for my camp development.”
Dr. Jen Welter, Sport Psyc, First Female NFL Coach, Gold Medalist

Author of Physical Education Games & eBooks

Coach Stone has developed a number of unique and engaging P.E. educational games that he has included in his recent books.
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Put Your Camp Development on Autopilot …

It doesn’t matter if your upcoming camp is for youth, middle school, high school, college, women’s tackle, or even for moms, Coach Stone has you covered with his customizable “Back to the Basics” camp program. This includes organizations that are located in the United States as well as International.

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Testimonials for Camp Development

  • "Coach Stone is one of the most energetic and knowledgeable coaches I have ever seen. He successfully worked with me to develop and implement my camp."
  • "As a former NFL athlete, I've been fortunate to play for, and be around great coaches including Dick Vermeil and Bill Parcells. Coach Stone is one of the most organized and knowledgeable coaches I've ever been around. His knowledge is surpassed only by the enthusiasm & energy he brings to every camp environment. I highly recommend Anthony Stone & the Back To the Basics program."
  • I met Coach Stone at a football event he ran a few years ago and was immediately impressed with his enthusiasm and attention for detail.  His passion for the game is inspirational. It is always a pleasure working with him.
  • "I have know and worked with Coach Stone in numerous capacities over the past 6 years; from running youth camps to hearing him speak at various events on technique and safety of this great game. I have continually been impressed with his professionalism and knowledge of the game of football and highly recommend him to any organization."
  • Coach Stone and his guest coach came all the way to our home field and set up shop. Within minutes, they had the entire field set up and ready to go. Our first Moms of Football camp was a huge success with our moms, our coaches were armed with new tools and practice plans, and the players, although winded, would have stayed for another 2 hours given the option! Our objective was to bring in some fresh new ideas for our league, but the knowledge, experience, and energy that Coach Stone and his team brought far surpassed our expectations. We have already booked a camp for next season!
  • Coach Stone is not only highly educated in the game of football, but is also a great role model to all of our coaches and most importantly the youth of our program! His camp is very beneficial to our kids and coaches. Our coaches, players, and parents look forward to this camp year after year! Thank you coach Stone
  • "Anthony Stone is one of the best men I have come across in football, he has a passion to help young athletes that is rare. His creativity and enthusiasm in football are great to be a part of. He has a brilliant coaching style & I would recommend his camps to anyone."

  • "Coach Stone is a great educator and Coach. We have collaborated on several events including trips to South Korea and Germany. His planning and attention to detail has proven to be consistently beneficial when creating custom events."  
  • "Coach Stone is one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches in the game. His drills are only surpassed by his energy and intensity. He puts the FUN back into teaching the FUNdamentals of the game. I would highly recommend him for your next football camp."
  • "Coach Stone recently did a camp for our youth football program, and it was very successful. Coach Stone has extreme attention to detail and operates at a very high and very positive energy level. We could not have chosen a better coach. I recommend his camps for any football organization."    
  • "Coach Stone is an awesome football and sports educator. His passion for and knowledge of coaching is world class, which is why we got him to come over to the UK to help us kick start our BAFA Coach Developer Programme."
  • "I have worked with Anthony Stone for several years on the USA Football staff and with the Chicago Bears Youth Camps. He is a true leader, great coach and an inspiration to the players he coaches."

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